About us

“Brili” represents the company on the production of varnish and paints. For ten years, we carry out the project and engaged in its further development. We were able to compare with each other domestic and international experience in this scope. We used together, Georgian and foreign technology, received a unique formula for the production of varnish and paints. We have compare prices for the products with the local market and the quality with international standards. The resulting prices and quality gives us the right to say, that produced by “Brili” products in construction, the per square meter, one of the cheapest. At the same time, is as good as expensive imported materials.

We can solve the problem of any complexity associated with both internal and with external surface coating, a combination of colors or shades of its stability. Work object of each client, whether it is big or small, we present as your own project and do not remove our commitments, as to the full and successful completion of the project, and the safeguards that we issue.

Modern machines corresponding laboratory, raw materials supplied by the leading companies in the world chemical industry, highly qualified staff, quality control - All this gives us an opportunity to create environmentally friendly products of high quality.

With the support of international partners, we are able to be informed about innovations in the world of chemical production, the latest technologies, which respectively introduce into our production.

Our goal is to be universally accepted in the Georgian market, create another precedent of successful Georgian production, to break the stereotype that only expensive imported products can be of high quality. Accordingly, we take the slogan “we can too”. This sure all who get to know our products, both domestically and abroad.

Our product is certified by international standards.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001